We’re harnessing local renewable energy to make green chemicals

ReMo is developing a fleet of distributed-scale ammonia plants that use renewable energy to make nitrogen fertilizers at prices competitive with those from the giant natural gas-fueled suppliers

Our Mission

ReMo is solving the combined challenges of food security and climate change

The US produces over 14 million tons of ammonia per year

At over $500 per ton, ammonia is a multi-billion-dollar industry on which all our lives depend

1 ton of ReMonia™ can be made from just 10 MWh of electricity

The economics already work today without subsidies

Production of 1 ton of ammonia from natural gas generates 2.3 tons of CO2

Ammonia production is responsible for nearly 2% of total CO2 emissions

Our Technology

ReMo has reimagined ammonia production from the ground up.  By optimizing the plant design for distributed scale and integration with an electrolyzer, ReMo can build distributed plants using conventional components at far lower cost than conventional ammonia plant architectures. 

Big innovation without big technology risk!